Facilities Management – Secrets to Success

Introduction. Simply stated, Facilities Management is the maintenance and operation of a company’s assets, mainly building, ground maintenance and related equipment. A firm hires a third party management specialist for this task so that they can focus on clients, production, distribution and other more technical aspects. Such an arrangement allows efficient functioning of the building, without taxing the owner firm of their time and energy.

Secrets to Successful Facilities Management. Like any other branch of management, the success of this depends on the basic ingredients like effective leadership, efficient team work and good working atmosphere. However, apart from the above necessary characteristics, there are certain additional features that need to be taken into account for success in this branch. Some of the secrets are discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Clear Expectations and Responsibilities. All concerned parties should decide and document an unambiguous list of responsibilities and detailed timelines for completion of the same. This entails that no party can play the blame game later, thereby enforcing best performances from all.

Regular Monitoring and Open Communication. It is quintessential to have an open communication channel working at all times between the client, the user and the manager. This should be backed up by all party monitoring meetings held regularly.

Budget Control and Risk Management. Meticulous budget planning incorporating a productive risk management strategies ensure a perfect balance between economy, safety and efficiency.

Conclusion. While the above points do not comprise a comprehensive list of points for successful facilities management, they surely are the most important ones for consideration. In addition to these aspects, one has to take care of the basic tenets of leadership, team building, work-culture etc in order to get maximum success.